VIDEO: Is Free Health Care Free?

Health Care Sanders

If you get sick or suffer a serious injury, you not only want medical care, you want quality medical care. What’s the best way to get it? Through a government-run program like Medicare for All or through our current free market system? Stanford policy expert Lanhee Chen has the answer in this video from Prager University. Get informed. After all, this is your health we’re talking about.

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Democrat Introduces Legislation To Lower Age Of Voting To 16 In 2020

This bill only demonstrates the hypocrisy of these Communist Democrats. On the one hand, they want to lower the voting age to 16 and on the other, they want to raise the age of a person being able to purchase a rifle to 21!

Washington, D.C. Democrat Council Member Charles Allen introduced legislation that would lower the age to vote to 16 in the 2020 elections for both local and federal elections.

Democrats are in panic mode as they are losing their grip on reality every day. Still, the latest push by the March For Our Lives Communists have probably spurred this bill forward.

MSN reports:

The typical sixteen-year-old in America works, drives and may even be responsible for caring for younger siblings or family members, so why can’t they vote? More than one politician in D.C. thinks they should be able to.

D.C. council member Charles Allen (D-Ward 6) introduced legislation on April 10th that would lower the voting age to 16 in the 2020 federal and local elections. Allen said he was inspired by the high schoolers leading the March For Our Lives initiative, and seven of 13 D.C. council members support the legislation.

Well, on the surface, I would almost agree. There are many 16-year-olds who do those things, but there are many who simply don’t. There is also a part of me that wants to side with those who do because, after all, they are paying taxes from their paychecks, and possibly property taxes on cars they may own along with taxes on virtually everything they purchase. So, in that sense, a part of me thinks they should have a say in that.

However, understanding how our education system is and the fact that these teens also, for the most part, live at home with mom and dad, then their parents speak on their behalf, and so this is where I draw the line.

Multiple votes in households is counterproductive. Obviously, the head of the home should be the one that represents the family and gives a voice for the family in the political sphere.

The voting age really doesn’t need to be lowered or raised. What we need is an educated populace that is not spoon fed by a complicit media and the two-party system, something our founders warned about.

Why do soldiers wear a BACKWARDS American flag patch?

why do soldiers wear the american flag backward

Look down below at that picture of two brave soldiers. The one on the left is wearing a BACKWARD American flag patch. The stars appear on the right side of the flag, not the left! But the soldier on the right is wearing a “normal” American flag patch. The stars appear on the left side of the flag, where we usually see them.

So what’s going on here??!!

why do soldiers wear the american flag backward

The difference is the arm that the flag is worn on. If the American flag is worn on the right arm, the American flag will appear “backwards” with the stars on the right. If the American flag is worn on the left arm, the American flag appears “normal” with the stars on the left.

This is not just some random military tradition. It has to do with honoring the bravery of soldiers who are facing down an enemy and how the Stars & Stripes fly when one rushes into battle.

Back in the old days, America’s military had flag bearers on the battlefield. When these flag bearers rushed into battle with the troops, the American flag would fly from its pole with the stars always in the front. The stars always “led the way.”

The military no longer uses flag bearers in battle, but flags do “fly” on the uniforms of our brave men and women of the Armed Forces.

Take a look at this picture below of a flag bearer from the old days.

why american flags are worn backward

See how the flag is flying in the wind? And notice how the stars lead the way. If you see a flag bearer running into battle from that person’s left (as you look at that person’s left shoulder), the stars will be on the left side of the flag. This matches how the American flag is worn on a soldier’s left arm.

If you run to the other side of the battlefield and see the same flag bearer from the reverse side, the stars of the American flag will now be on the right. Again, the stars lead the way.

why american flags are worn backward

If the stars on the right arm were to be on the left side of the flag, that could be interpreted to mean that the soldier is running away from the battle. This would be a sign of cowardice and unbecoming of an American soldier! So this is why the stars are on the right. This is why, on the Stars & Stripes, STARS LEAD THE WAY. Always.

The next time you see a soldier wearing that backwards American flag, think of it as a reminder of that person’s bravery. That soldier is fighting for our freedom, and the stars always lead the way.

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